Literary Context of the Bible – The Fundamentals

To properly understand the meaning of biblical texts, the various forms of contexts must be analyzed. Today we will delve into the literary context of the Bible. In the last post, I discussed the importance of analyzing the historical-cultural context when studying Scripture. If you haven’t read that post, I strongly encourage you to go … Read more

Historical-Cultural Context of the Bible – The Fundamentals

In the last post, I issued a challenge to stop reading the Bible. This may seem counter intuitive for Christians, but I explained we need to go beyond merely reading the Bible to actually studying the Bible. We will begin by looking at the historical-cultural context of the Bible. I believe the only way to … Read more

What This Veteran Does to Celebrate Independence Day

In a few weeks, our country will celebrate the birth of our great nation. Of course I am referring to Independence Day, or July 4th for those of you who would rather celebrate a calendar day. Family Traditions Most of us have developed or inherited various traditions concerning this holiday. For me, I fondly remember … Read more

Criminal Riots Are Not a Protest

Protests or Riots? Last week I discussed the peaceful protests and demonstrations that have been occurring throughout our country for the past few weeks in response to issues such as racial inequality and police brutality. In that post, I asserted the true enemy is the societal divides we are all guilty of maintaining. This week … Read more

A Challenge to Protest the True Enemy

Recent Protests For the past few weeks, there have been numerous protests in multiple cities throughout the United States in response to the murder of George Floyd. Most of these protests have been peaceful demonstrations against the injustices of racial inequality, police brutality, and the corruption of the justice system itself. I am choosing to … Read more

Welcome to the New Painfully Authentic!

For those of you who followed my previous blog on, I welcome you. For those of you who may be new, welcome to the Painfully Authentic Blog. What does “Painfully Authentic” mean? It is derived from the old saying, “The truth hurts.” Basically, this means that I strive to present truth, no matter how … Read more